Friday, 19 April 2013

Don't Wait for the Delivery Truck!

Before the Internet, waiting for the mail was something of a guessing game. You never knew if the next delivery truck would be carrying the item you were expecting to arrive. But with the advent of modern mailing technology, the shipping industry has not only increased efficiency in the delivery of parcels, but also allowed senders and receivers to have more control over their shipments.

The first thing to keep in mind if you want to know when your package will arrive is the cost of shipping. If you want a package to arrive sooner, expect to pay more. The most expensive options often involve airplanes to get your order from point A to point B much faster. However, ground shipping is usually a cheaper option and generally only takes a day longer to arrive. You should also be mindful of when your order is being filled. Some companies do not fulfill shipping orders on the weekend or holidays, while others keep their delivery trucks running 24/7. To assure fast delivery, try to place orders - especially online orders - at the beginning of the week and account for any state or federal holidays that might change the delivery date.

While it may seem like a complex task to calculate the actual arrival date of your package, many shipping companies have online tracking systems that allow you to easily follow your order during its entire journey. From the warehouse to the deliver truck, you can now track your package's every movement as it makes its way to your doorstep.

You can do this in several different ways. Make sure you get a tracking number for your parcel; this is fairly standard and will often be provided to you automatically. If you are not able to write down your tracking number or would prefer not to, most shipping forms include a spot to enter your email address and the company will email the information to you. These emails also include a link to the website where you can monitor the status of your package. While the systems can sometimes take a little while to initially enter your order into the system, most provide an incredibly accurate, real-time look at the shipping process.

Another great aspect of these online tracking systems is that you can control when your item arrives. This is especially useful for individuals who live in an area where it is not really safe for a delivery person to leave a package at your door. You now can select a time and date when it would be most convenient for the delivery truck to stop by your home. This saves you the aggravation of having to go to your local shipping warehouse where the package is stored if you miss it or worse, having it returned to the sender.

Improvements to shipping are happening every day, making our lives simpler and our mailing much faster. From advancements in delivery truck design to new tracking systems, shipping has never been easier!

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