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Decorating Your Wedding Car

Decorating the wedding car is one of the most fun and creative aspects of the wedding. There are two times the wedding car can be decorated. There are the decorations that are placed on the car when the bride is riding to the wedding destination. There are also the decorations that are placed on the car after the wedding when the bride and groom are on the way to the reception. The first set of decorations should be elegant, while the second set of decorations should be fun and unique.

Sometimes the bride and groom will want the car the bride rides in to the wedding to be decorated. When this occurs the car is usually decorated in an elegant fashion. Bouquets of flowers are placed on the hood of the car, near the side view mirrors, attached to the windows and in the rear window. The flowers are attached to the car with different colored ribbons, or white string. When choosing which color and what types of flowers to use for the wedding car decorations, it would be good if they followed the theme chosen by the bride and groom. The flowers should reflect the preferences of the bride and groom.

Sometimes the friends of the bride and groom decorate the wedding car before the newlywed couple ride in it to the reception. This type of decoration is usually informal and the design is at the discretion of the person decorating the car. Usually a "Just Married" sign is attached to the back of the car. Recently people have started using window markers to write the "Just Married" sign across the rear window. Other messages can be written on the windows of the car. Car chalk can be a cheap way to write messages on the doors and hood of the car. Traditionally cheap tin cans are tied to the rear bumper of the car with string and they make noise as the couple rides down the street to the reception.

Ideally a couple only gets married once in their life. The wedding can take months and sometimes years to plan. The couple takes time to choose the colors they will use in their wedding, the flower arrangements, dresses for the bride and wedding party, and so many more things. Likewise, time, effort and consideration should be taken when decorating the car for the wedding party and reception. Decorating the vehicle is an opportunity to get very creative. The decorations should be a reflection of the love and joy the bride and groom share.

Ideas for Accessorizing Your Car

It can be boring to ride in the same car day after day, especially if it looks the same way it did when you brought it home from the dealership. Luckily there are many decorative options that you can use to spice up your car interior. Below are some ideas you can use to turn your boring car into a snazzy ride.

Mirror Hangings
In the 70's, many people liked to hang fuzzy dice from their rearview mirror. This fad has not quite died down yet. If you don't like fuzzy dice, do not let that deter you. There are many things you can hang from your rearview mirror that suit your personality. Many souvenir shops have mirror hangings you can choose from such as animals, symbols, and air fresheners. Hanging something from your mirror is one of the cheapest ways to dress up your car.

Steering Wheel Covers
Steering wheel covers come with all kinds of designs and colors. Some have streaks of fire wrapped around; others have dragons and even frogs. These decorative steering wheel covers can easily be purchased at your local Wal-Mart or car part store.

Seat Covers
Now a days many seat covers have the same design as the steering wheel cover. Choose your theme and then pick a seat cover and steering wheel cover that match. Seat covers come in a variety of fabrics such as leather, a soft cloth, and suede.

Bumper Stickers
Another popular and cheap way to decorate your car is to get some bumper stickers. Bumper stickers have become an art form. Many of them have humorous messages, but some have serious messages such as not texting while driving or quit smoking, and an assortment of other health related issues like breast cancer awareness. Some people get little stick figure people to represent their families on the back of their window. These can get really funny and they come in some many different shapes and sizes that it can be a lot of fun to find a figure that represents you and your family.

License Plate Covers
License plate covers are another way you can decorate your car. Many schools have specialized license plate covers that you can put over your plate and show your affiliation with that school. However, book stores and other places also sell specialized license plate covers that you can to decorate your car and express yourself.
These are just a few examples of ways you can decorate your car. Many of these suggestions are fairly cheap car decorations.

Interior Design for Your Car

The average person spends at least two hours in their car on a daily basis going to and from work and picking up the kids from school. This number increases if a person has to take a long trip or run errands, especially if there is traffic. Since people spend so much time in their cars, it comes as no surprise that people want to decorate the interior of their car. The thing that gets the most consideration when decorating the interior of the car is comfort. Secondly is the style of the driver. Below are some suggestions and ways to decorate the inside of your car.

Steering Wheel Covers
Steering wheel covers are the most often used cheap decorative pieces in a car. Steering wheel covers are usually chosen to help increase grip while driving. However, they come in so many designs and colors that the cover can easily become a decorative piece.

Seat Covers
Another common interior design move takes place with the seat. Everyone wants the seat they are going to spend hours in to be comfortable. The make of the seat cannot be changed, but the fabric can. Some people like leather seats because they are easy to clean and the smell of leather is great in a car. Other people like cloth seats because they are made from a softer material and they do not get too hot or too cold the way leather seats can. The downside though is that cloth seats are difficult to clean. So if something spills, it can be a problem.

Sometimes the floor mats in the car can be kind of boring. Besides which, oftentimes they are made of cloth and so get dirty very easily. There are decorative rubber mats which not only add to the style of your car, but make the floor easier to clean.

Audio and Visual Stimulation
Adding a new sound system to your car can help with the interior appeal. Adding more base to your car with better speakers, or an mp3 player to make it more convenient to play your music, will increase the comfort of your driving experience. You can also add a television so that your passengers can have something to watch during those long drives.

There are many ways to increase the interior appeal of your vehicle. The trick is to find a style that suits you and then get stuff that matches and goes well together. You will spend hours in your car, so take time to make it appealing.

Car Themed Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party takes a lot of work and planning. As children get older, it gets harder. One way to make planning a birthday party easier is by choosing a theme. Children, boys especially, sometimes enjoy a car themed birthday party. A car theme requires a little more planning and creative thinking than other birthday themes. Below are some suggestions for having a car themed birthday party.

Cars the Movie
The makers of Cars have really made this birthday theme a lot easier. Most kids love the movie and they would love to have a birthday theme around the movie. Stores sell invitations, hats, napkins, plates, table coverings, balloons, cakes, you name it. They even sell little auto figurines that you can use to decorate the table or put in goodie bags.

Other Ideas
Another theme idea is choosing an automotive to focus the birthday party around. You can choose a race car, a tractor, a dumpster truck, or even a motorcycle. Whatever automotive your little one likes best, this is the vehicle whose face will be on all of the decorations. Or if you are having difficulty finding birthday decorations with cars on them, you could get posters of cars and place them around the room where the party will be held.

Food Theme
The most important food of a birthday party is the cake. You can easily get a car shaped cake from a bakery because they make specialized cakes for kids' birthdays. You can even set out some car shaped cookies for your guests. If you want to get really creative, you could take graham crackers and marshmallows and have the guests make their own cars. Have other toppings for the cars suck as gummy bears and chocolate chips. You can use toothpicks to attach the tires to the graham cracker.

Activities for Birthday
One activity you can do is to get some plain white t-shirts and have the guests paint their favorite car on the t-shirt. You can also get a car shaped piñata that you can stuff with candy and small match box automotive. Instead of playing pin the tail on the donkey, you can create a board with a car that is missing a tire and have the kids play pin the tire on the vehicle. You could also get some of that small wind up cars and let the kids have races to see whose car is the fastest.

Many of these decorative and activity ideas are cheap ways to have a auto themed birthday party.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Stainless Steel Exhausts

Every jeep lover enjoys driving their jeep around. You can make this experience even better by installing the right exhaust. An aftermarket exhaust system can be customized to your vehicle. It is matched to the engine of the jeep, to make sure it emits the right amount of exhaust gases.

How do you know the right exhaust? A good exhaust system should be strong, durable and smooth not to interfere with the flow of exhaust gases. Among many other characteristics, stainless steel exhaust systems are advisable to install. Below are some of the reasons you should install a stainless steel exhaust system.

Corrosion resistance

One of the greatest challenge motorists get from their exhaust systems rust. Exhaust tips rust from exposure to humidity and some elements in the air. Rust causes your exhaust to have holes leading to loss of gases in these holes. These exhausts do not rust. It is corrosion resistant. Their alloys may have low resistance to corrosion. You should therefore make sure you check that the exhausts are 100% stainless steel.

Resistance to extreme temperatures

Most stainless steel brands are resistant to extreme temperatures and can stand heat. This means too low or too high temperatures. This resistance means extra toughness and will hardly melt despite the high temperatures of the exhaust gases. The exhausts should not distort in shape when exposed to these high temperatures.


Stainless steel is a tough metal. It can easily be fabricated, cut, weld, and machined easily. They are durable and require less maintenance. These exhausts will not fade or discolor. They maintain their shine over a long period of time. Though expensive, think about installing them and not having to repair your exhausts for the next 5 years.

East to maintain and clean

Stainless steel resists smudges, fingerprints and other dirt marks. It is therefore very easy to clean and maintain. All you have to do is wipe with a damp cloth and polish occasionally. With this characteristic, you will always maintain a clean jeep and clean tips with no problem. After a long off road drive, you can wash off the mud using a water hose and off the water with a cloth.


Stainless steel exhaust tips best complements your jeep. They are aesthetically pleasing. With their shine, they are the visible part of your exhaust that shows off the good looks off your vehicle. A dual exit looks very good on a sports car.

Though these exhausts are said to be expensive, the results you get from the product is worth the cost. You also do not have to undergo regular repair costs. Get stainless steel exhausts and enjoy a long term service.

New Upcoming Cars in India - Revealed New Technology

The year will see competition hot up in the economy and hatchback segment cars. In this segment, the old champs Maruti, Hyundai and Tata will fight to maintain their market shares as GM, Honda, Toyota, Renault, Skoda, Volkwagen, Nissan, Ford, and Mahindra also enter this segment with new offerings.

In the sedan segment, Honda which performed very badly in 2012 will look to salvage its lost pride and is planning to launch a slew of diesel models aimed for Indian market. Here it will compete with GM, Skoda, Volkswagon, Toyota, and Renault. Among upcoming cars in India, the SUV space will see the much awaited Ford EcoSport that will challenge Duster

The luxury segment which is dominated by few car makers will see many upcoming cares in India in 2013. The big three - BMW, Audi and Mercedes, will jostle for space with new arrivals like Porsche, Jaguar, Rolls Royce, and Aston Martin. BMW is planning to launch its X1 model in India. This model will be the entry level model in Indian market and will bring many more young aspirants to buy luxury car. Similar strategy is being adopted by Audi and Mercedes also and they all are bringing in entry level models with price tags of approx. Rs. 25 lacs

Within the luxury car segment, separate niches will get carved out in the form of super luxury sport sedans, convertible sport coupes, SUVs, and MPV, etc. The price range of these cars will start from Rs. 50 lakh onwards.

Maruti Suzuki, the largest car maker in India lost significant market share in 2012, on account of strikes and lockouts in its Manesar plant and also due to aggressive marketing by other competitors. Maruti's market share is already on decline and it will have to strike back in 2013 if it has to maintain its dominance on the Indian roads.

It is expected that as many as 50 new cars may see the light of the day in the year 2013. Some of them will be new launch of models, while others will be facelift versions of existing models. In the hatchback segment, Maruti is planning to facelift the A-Star which is not clocking in good numbers. Chevy Beat, Toyota's Liva, Polo from VW, Fiat with PuntoEvo, new VW Beetle, Hyundai with 2G i10, and Mini Cooper Diesel are also expected to faze out the older models and bring in fresh versions

In the compact sedan category, M&M Verito, Honda Amaze, Manza-Indigo from Tata will see newer variants getting launched in 2013. The slew of new models will surely keep the numbers ticking for many car makers. Depending on the economic situation and interest rate scenario, it has to be seen how the automobiles sector as a whole fares in the current year, but one thing is very clear that there will be a lot of churn among the existing power set up of car makers in India

All in all, 2013 will be an interesting year to watch out for as several car makers will bring out new models.

A Little SPF Lotion and Car Window Tinting Can Save You

Trivia time! According to most studies, the skin is the largest organ of the human body. Amazing, right? But if you are smart, then this trivia might not as amazing to you. But what the heck. Another trivia. This is kind of old though. But I'll say it anyway. The earth's atmosphere is thinning by the second caused by the green house gasses (i.e., carbon dioxide, methane, and the like), leaving the people, us, to suffer from the dangers of ultra violet rays from the sun. I wanted to say that the sun is cruel, but the people made things turn out this way. So we can only have ourselves to blame, right?

Right. So what are we to do. The damage is done. Of course, we can just go and try to preserve ourselves to the best we can. We don't want to die of radiation and similar scary factors, do we? So, what is the key for self-preservation in this context? The most handy is, I believe, the sunscreen lotion. Be sure to buy those with high sun protection factor (SPF). Now, don't be stingy. Even if those are expensive, they are for your own good anyway. Another thing, get a decent car window tinting. You will be needing that as well.

Okay, car window tinting can't just be bought in supermarkets like SPF lotions. You need to contact a window tinting expert to do the job for you. The professional more likely has the materials needed for the project, like a window film. Be sure to look for professionals with the necessary skills and experience. One more thing, choose for a window film that protects you from ultra violet rays. Getting car window tinting without UV protection will actually not help, no matter how fancy or colorful or cool that is. Let us use our common sense here. Self-preservation is our goal here. Not glamour.

Okay. Let us backtrack. SPF lotion: check. Car window tinting: check. Common sense: check. Cool. Now, here is this one last thing. Perhaps you might also consider putting up ultra violet protection for your house. I mean, you have walls and curtains, but you can't always be sure. You know that, right? An extra protection is always better. These are harmful elements we are dealing with here. We can't just say, "Nah. This is already enough." As the movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter brilliantly suggests-"Always have a contingency plan." Brilliant, is it not? If you have no idea what I am talking about, then I suggest you watch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I believe it can be viewed in Netflix if you have a subscription there.

The threat of ultra violet radiation has been going on for years now. And I know that there has not been a serious case from these threats. But do we really have to wait for the worst? That is the problem with people. We let ourselves use these harmful elements that caused us our atmosphere. Now, we let ourselves be susceptible to them? Do we need to have more damage control than we can handle? Do we have to wait for our skin to get irritated and burned before we apply SPF lotion and put car window tinting? I hope not. I hope we start to get smart and overcome the threats to our self-preservation.

Aftermarket Auto Parts - What Are They And Where Are They Headed

What is it? An aftermarket part is any part of an automobile that is not obtained from that car's manufacturer. For parts that are direct replacements, the vehicle's warranty will stay intact.

Many companies nowadays make auto parts designed to operate very similar to the original, and in some cases even better. Most performance parts are manufactured by aftermarket companies because they are specialized experts in that particular field.

Pros & cons? Whereby aftermarket auto parts are considered to be less pricier and widely available, they certainly boast a greater choice of auto parts to choose from with quality that's equal to the stock parts or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts if not always better! The greatest con of aftermarket parts is the lack of warranty. Also if the car owner is not familiar with a variety of available brands, the selection could be tremendous. The quality of auto parts can also vary with each maker.

What is currently available? Drivers can opt for aftermarket parts which can convert their cars into exclusive machines. Options range from aftermarket engine components to car body styling; car owners do not have to endure the car manufacturers' installations anymore. Aftermarket auto parts can be employed for three distinct reasons: boosting performance, altering the look and feel of the vehicle, increasing the vehicle's efficiency.

To cater to any or all of the purposes of the car owner, market offers a variety of aftermarket auto parts for use in brakes and suspension, electronics, engine, exhausts, lubricants, gauges, interior, exterior, wheels and much more.

Some of the most sought-after parts for the above categories include catalytic converters, cat-back and turbo-back exhausts, headers, muffler's, fuel filters and pumps, torque converters, gaskets and seal sets, spark plugs, throttle bodies, alignment kits, gauges, lights and lamps, chrome accessories, transmission fluids, shock absorbers, seat and steering wheel covers etc.

Future of aftermarket auto parts? Although the aftermarket industry is packed with auto upgrades, entertainment items and vehicle flair, an increased competition from OEM dealerships coupled with the economic climate, increases in gas prices and fewer miles driven is influencing the vehicle owner's behavior. As more and more vehicle owners are transitioning to do-it-yourself repairs to save costs, OEM dealerships are also becoming aggressive for post-warranty service work.

However, the demand and sales report forecasts that the light vehicle aftermarket is projected to rise 3.2 percent annually to reach $85.5 billion by the next couple of years and the dominant aftermarket auto parts market will outpace the do-it-yourself segment by all means.

Save Yourself From the Cold With a Car Remote Starter!

Does your car take ages before heating up? Do you sit inside your car, cold as ice, cursing your car under your visible breath? Yes, it has become visible because you have been inside your cold car for too long your breath has turned to ice. Yes, that is an exaggeration. And that is because we have a point to prove--waiting for your wrecked car to heat up on a cold (say, winter) day will eventually kill you. Well, I say, enough of the waiting and enough of the bloody cold. I say, get a car remote starter and save yourself this misery.

As we all know, a car remote starter prepares your car engine in advance, before you go out and actually sit behind the wheel. You see, that is brilliant. I believe you have heard of that before because (hey!) you have a car. Knowing this awesome car accessory actually exists, why did you choose to shrug it off? Now, see who is suffering. You only got yourself to blame why you are always cold every time you enter your car, wishing for comfort. You could have done that long ago, you know. Actually, you could have someone install a car remote starter right after you bought your car.

Well, what else can we do? Let us cut the losses and move on. I believe you have suffered enough cold--unless you love afflicting all kinds of pain to your body. Let us hope that is not the case. So, anyway, I know that you know it is finally time to hire someone to install a car remote starter to your vehicle. It is not hard to find a legit professional who does installations. You can usually find one in any car audio installation company. Those businesses usually have side businesses that are car-related as well. You can ask around your neighborhood or your friends for recommendations.

The easiest way to find these companies is through the Internet. Car remote starter installers are literally just a type away. It is better if they have a mobile site and you are coincidentally on mobile too. That way, you can call one directly and ask for an appointment or a consultation. Before you make the contact, be sure to research on the companies first. You do not want to be a victim of a scam or similar unfortunate deceptions. Once you have contacted a professional car installer, things will be easy and smooth because the installer will take care of everything.

A car remote starter is the solution to your problem with cold metal and seats. You can sit in the warmth of your house while waiting for your heater to start warming your car. It is about time that you consider this option other than freezing yourself to death. Okay, it's an exaggeration again, but you feel me, right? After all, your comfort should be a major priority. A car remote starter brings comfort and convenience to wherever place you must be at the moment--house, office, it does not matter. This small, efficient car accessory will get you through just fine.

The Benefits of Chassis Braces

Today's cars, even the commuter ones, are designed and tested with tools and concepts that were unavailable even two short decades ago. But even with these advances, designing an automotive chassis is fraught with compromise, as numerous design parameters such as engine placement, cabin space, safety and material considerations and target costs play on what the final design will be. Few laymen or automotive enthusiasts will even care about understanding the forces - such as axial forces, shear forces, bending, torsion, angular deflection and moments of inertia - when they set out to purchase a car. Engineers worry about these things, but as we said, design compromises compel a lot of designs to be compromised in favor of balancing the features of a car towards a certain percentile of the population.

Car guys know that an automotive chassis' job is to hold the vehicle's components together while the car is in motion, all while being loaded by forces (such as vertical and lateral loads) that are transferred to it by the suspension, through the wheels. With standard OEM components like the tires, shocks, springs, bushings and a stock drivetrain, whatever loads are transferred to the chassis can be handled by the original design. The problem arises when you add stickier and/or wider tires, stiffer springs and/or shocks, stiffer bushings and more power. You then get unwanted chassis flex that affects the way your car handles. A big no no then. And when you talk about a car that's been on the road for more than a few years, you can add metal fatigue to the equation.

The best solution for a really stiff chassis would be a carbon fiber tub or a chassis that has been stitch-welded with a roll cage added. Highly impractical for a street/strip car enthusiast who has to juggle a budget or simply wants a good enough solution. Enter chassis braces. Old-timers will at once be intimately familiar with the simplest of these, the strut brace. This, even today, is one of the first add-ons you purchase when you put a chassis brace on your car. When cars were made with a separate ladder frame onto which the body was attached, there was also the subframe connector. Nowadays, you have strut braces for the front and rear, underchassis braces, fender braces, floorpan braces and rear suspension braces for stiffening the mounting points for the rear links.

Obviously, the effect of these braces will be to stiffen the chassis to the extent that tuning the car's handling will be a much more consistent affair. For those who take to the track, these chassis braces may not result in dramatic time improvements, but the improved confidence through better feel will improve consistency, which will affect the way the driver well, drives. This then, can indirectly lead to improved times. For less than new cars, these braces, as we have said, will stiffen the aging chassis to the extent that the platform will be as rigid, if not more, than when it was new.

Car Buying Tips From Used Car Dealers

Are you on the lookout for buying a used car? Then you should first go through valuable tips provided by used car dealers which is bound to enhance your purchasing experience. Before beginning your search for used car dealers you should first fix your budget. This first step involves how much you are willing to spend on purchasing this car and also fixing an amount which will be required for repairs and upgradations. Once you have fixed your budget you can visit the market and see which car is most suitable for meeting your requirements.

Another important factor to keep in mind with regard to your used car purchase is to conduct a survey in the market. You should visit a number of used car dealers before making your final choice. You should make it a point to visit company-owned used car outlets, check out small used car dealers as well as get in touch with private owners who are interested to sell their cars. You can also get information by going online and visit sites which provides you useful information about these cars. This survey will provide you with an insight about what is available in the market and their respective prices so you can make a well informed choice for purchasing your car.

Used car dealers will also help you to narrow down your choice on a car which best suits your needs. You are provided with many choices but don't get carried away. Choosing a big car will be cheap and affordable but there are costs involved which are associated with big cars. Thus, it is essential for you to think about various pros and cons about the car which you intend to buy.

Another very important step before finalizing a used car deal is to check the history report of the car. Used car dealers will provide you with service history of the car which will enable you to research this prospective used car before you zero it down for making your final purchase. You should also take a reliable mechanic with you for checking the car.

Another very important element which you should look out for is that this vehicle which you are going to purchase has complete and up-to-date papers. Used car dealers will highlight this point so that you can transfer this car in your name without facing any problems.

Used car dealers will also ask you to test drive the car which will help you to learn a lot about the car which you wish to buy. Just check out for squeaks and unusual vibrations when you are taking test drive. You should also make it a point to check that braking is smooth and listen for grating noises which indicates that there could be a problem with the suspension or the rods.

You should also make sure that gears are slotting easily because worn-out gear pins can result in slipping gears and this is going to incur heavy expenses when you go for repairing it.

After you are completely satisfied then go about closing your car deal. Used car dealers will advise you to finally inspect the car before you take it home.

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Hydrogen Fuel Cells Cars: An Environmental Friendly Driving Solution

If we talk about the strengths of human beings, the first thing that best describe their power is the "imagination". These people have the ability to imagine and invent some brilliant concepts. Some intelligent people believe that if they wish to see something new in this miraculous world, they have to stop doing old things. Such a belief resulted in the introduction of entirely new concept in automobiles, i.e. Hydrogen Cars.

Hydrogen Cars, as their name represents, are the automobiles that use hydrogen as their on-board fuel facilitating enhanced power during the drive. Earlier, hydrogen as a fuel was limited to space rockets, but now scientist and engineers have successfully established this fabulous idea in the automobiles to improve fuel efficiency. These special vehicles are also developed to make the concept of zero emission cars legendary. These remarkable vehicles convert the chemical energy into mechanical energy by burning hydrogen in an engine or reacting hydrogen with oxygen in the fuel cells for the proper working of electric motors.

The idea of Hydrogen based cars is not new, but it first came into existence in the 19th century. This idea did not make many wonders due to some loopholes which the scientists were not able to overcome. Today, few faults have been successfully resolved such as steam is released instead of releasing foul-smelling gases. The present hydrogen based vehicles are more eco-friendly, fuel-efficient and allow green driving as compared to those that were developed earlier. Hydrogen cars work on the fuel cells that are made up of Polymer Exchange Membrane (PEM) that has several other advantages. This type of cells consists of two electrodes, a catalyst, a membrane, a negative and positive charged cathode and anode respectively.

The complete reaction taking place inside the cells undergoes following steps:

1. At the anode, hydrogen is restored inside the fuel cell in the form of its molecules.

2. A catalyst at the anode divides the molecules into the electrons (a flow of electricity) and protons (hydrogen ions).

3. The ions released can move through the membrane, but the electricity has to go around as a result of which it is bound to perform some work.

4. The hydrogen is stressed at the anode, in the same way oxygen is enforced at the cathode.

5. The electrons and protons collaborate at the cathode and link with oxygen to generate water.

There are several benefits associated with the use of fuel cells as compared to fossil based cells. Some of them are:

1. People mainly complain about the by-products (harmful gases) that the fossil fuel cells produce causing harm to the health of human beings. Whereas, hydrogen based cells generate water and heat as the by-products that do not cause any environmental pollution.

2. As no harmful gases are released, these hydrogen cars do not even contribute in global warming and greenhouse effects.

3. These cells also decrease the human dependency on gasoline and petroleum for running their vehicles.

Although it is absolutely true that Hydrogen dependent cars are not very popular, but the day not so far when these vehicles will dominate on the automotive world. Research is still going on reducing the expenses on these vehicles which will certainly decrease their market cost and make them highly affordable.

Technological Advancements: The Future Of The Automotive Industry

A group of intelligent people turns "cannot" into "can" and their "dreams" into "plans". They believe that there is no remote exist that can control your life. You have to get up and change it in your own way. The situation is somewhat similar in the automotive world, where the automotive engineers and designers have to think of the changes that can lead this industry towards the right direction. The best way to achieve success is by converting your thoughts into reality. The accomplishments that the automotive world have attained is due to patience and passion of bringing something new to the automobile enthusiasts. People are demanding cars that are not just cars, they wish for some outstanding cars that will be a prodigy in themselves. They also desire for automobiles with some exceptional technologies that are beyond human imagination. It seems like a dream, but can only be accomplished with absolute intelligence.

Every Automobile brand is working to bring some unbelievable technologies in the vehicles that will not only give comfort to the drivers but also protect them. The technologies that are expected in the cars by 2020 are as follows:

Camera with 360 Degree Feature: Camera in cars is essential and expected to become a standard tool in almost all automobiles by 2020. With these cameras, you will be updated with the front and rear of your car. These cameras will be able to see 360 degrees. These will make you free from risking your life by getting shoulders out and see if your car is parking in the right direction or not.

Pedestrian Detection and Night Vision: Many people dream for the automobiles that automatically stop on the sudden appearance of the pedestrian. The idea is legitimate and achievable by 2020. It is possible through infrared light or amplifier that will detect the person coming to your way intentionally or unintentionally. Moreover, collision warning, lane departure warning and night vision with automatic braking will also be featured with pedestrian detection. Special display is expected in the vehicles that will display heat-based images making you stop your car without hitting someone.

Inter-Cars Communication: Cars running on the road will be able to communicate with each other as these will be connected through some wireless system. In this organization, vehicles can commune with stop lights, allow traffic reporting to the network and warn other vehicles of accidents. It will save time, fuel and even the lives of many.

Charging Through The Air: The idea is quite innovative but extremely difficult to apply. This will be the coolest and easiest way of charging that will contribute majorly in sustainable use of natural resources for the future generations.

Cars Manufactured Using Advanced Materials: Lightweight concept is very much in demand especially in the automotive industry. People are demanding cars that are lightweight and durable. Moreover, there is an increasing demand of accident-proof outer body which seems like a dream, but can be achieved by 2020. Carbon Fiber, Aluminum and Magnesium are some materials that will be used in the future for making different car parts.

Application Central: Concept of Wi-Fi is already there in the vehicles, but for this, you have to pay a monthly subscription. Automobile representatives are planning to make it free and common for all. Everyone can take pleasure of enjoying internet browsing and surfing for free by 2020.

All these technological features and many more will offer you a comfortable driving. It will surely give an entirely new driving experience to those who are passionate towards it. Moreover, some of these changes will also prove beneficial to our environment as automobile manufacturers have started thinking ecologically.

Taking the Car Black Box to the Next Level

An overwhelming majority of new vehicles manufactured across the globe include a technology traditionally known as the black box. Some reports estimate more than 95 percent of new vehicles include this technology. The native solution only gathers and record specific pieces of data or events. In most cases, this includes how fast the vehicle is going, whether or not the driver was wearing a seatbelt, and other pieces of information which can be gathered from a vehicles internal computer. Recently, a number of new solutions have been made available to consumers which take the car black box to the next level. By combining the traditional black box technology with video and wireless capabilities, drivers can create a more comprehensive layer of protection.

The new car black box solutions are unique because they rely a core logic CPU G sensor which detects shocks and saves all of the data automatically. Many of the best solutions also include parking surveillance mode which detects motion near the vehicle even when the ignition is not turned on.

Since the new car black box options are not yet standard in vehicles, the features and benefits they are offer must be demonstrated in order to create mass appeal. The most obvious benefit is size. The best car black boxes on the market are small, slim, and easy to use. In fact, many can be easily placed behind a rear view mirror. All of the connectors are positioned to ensure the wiring does not obstruct the view of the driver.

Another benefit of this new technology is it is designed to optimize the performance of the internal storage. It achieves this by customizing the frame rate of video files based upon the situation surrounding the vehicle. This includes the frame rate per second and the amount of time recorded before and after a predetermined incident. As an added bonus, the best cameras can provide a 140 degrees super wide viewing angle. In fact, the range is so wide that they may not be able to be covered by the average person's field of vision.

The final benefit of the next generation of car black boxes is power conservation. Since these items are not built into the vehicle, they often rely on an independent energy source. One of the best ways the new technology saves energy is by utilizing parking surveillance mode. By using this mode it will consume a lot less energy as well as limit the amount of data which needs to be stored.

Yakima RocketBox 15s Rooftop Cargo Box

If you're looking for a roof box for a Sedan, the Yakima RocketBox 15s Rooftop Cargo Box offers an impressive storage space where you can comfortably fit your luggage. The roof box offers 15 cubic feet of storage space, is wider and shorter to accommodate lower profile cars with much ease. Manufactured by Yakima, the roof box represents a stride in manufacturing technology and an understanding of human needs. It is available in all leading stores all across the globe.

Features of the Yakima RocketBox 15s: To achieve its functionality and purpose, the Yakima RocketBox 15s Rooftop Cargo Box has a number of features which include:

It comes with an aerodynamic box which attaches to the top rack ensuring that your car's interior are under control of the pilot and crew.

The cargo box made from approximately 80% recycled ABS plastic. To enable easy loading, it comes with levered arms which support the side-opening lid.

Flat bottom which offers a dynamic option when it comes to fitting both tapered and broad crossbar spreads.

The Yakima RocketBox 15s is not only compatible with both round and square bars but also with most factory OEM racks.

Its curbside opening comes with two (2) latch points for improved security.

To curb theft, the Rooftop Cargo Box cannot be removed if the lid is not open.

Its rapid-fire installation is both quick and easy though all the adjustments and tightening are done from the inside of the box.

It has an SKS combination lock core incorporated for enhanced safety and security of your luggage.

Customer Reviews of the Yakima RocketBox 15s Rooftop Cargo Box
From the various reviews, it is a fact that most customers love and adore this Rooftop Cargo Box. With incredible features, benefits and advantages, short roof car owners can be able to relate with it much easily. There are immense positive sentiments on its' relatively light weight, the fact that it's spacious, ease of installation and its friendly price. No matter the type of weather, you're travelling in, you can always be assured that your luggage is well tucked in.

Benefits of the Product

The Yakima RocketBox 15s Rooftop Cargo Box offers a wide range of benefits including its 15 cubic feet storage space; has an extra-wide design which is specifically meant for sedans (cars with shorter roofs); the rooftop box is highly compatible with either round, square or other factory crossbars; its quick installation and SKS locks and also has a life time warranty for extra protection.

It's Pros/Advantages

It's easy to install

Offers a perfect fit

Highly durable

Has a huge storage capacity

Can help reduce your mileage significantly.

Its waterproof-Regardless of the weather, you're good to go.

Noise free.


Most of the customer reviews and feedbacks notify that the Yakima RocketBox 15s Rooftop Cargo Box is indeed a top quality item that all travelers need to invest in. With its excellent price, benefits and pros, the rooftop box is a worthy buy. Take advantage of some of the deals offered on it to save some money. We recommended that you get one today and join numerous satisfied clients out there.

How to Choose the Best Parking Spot for Your Car in Unfamiliar Places

When you are driving to a new area, it can be stressful to find a place to keep your car. This is especially true for high-traffic areas. It can be tempting to pull into the first space that seems available, but you need to be aware of a few things before you take the spot. You can save yourself some trouble if you pay attention to a few things before placing your car.

Make sure you are comfortable with your ability to park in the spot. The worst thing you can do is try to squeeze your car into a little space when a steady flow of traffic is trying to get by. If you cannot parallel park very well, then it is a good idea not to try it during rush hour traffic. Only attempt to take a spot if you know you can confidently do it quickly and safely.

Check to make sure you are not putting your car in an unauthorized zone. Sometimes signs are a little obscure, but you need to make sure you are allowed to place your car in the space. Some spaces are only available between certain times of the day, or they may be reserved for someone else. You do not want to return to where you left your car only to find out that it has been towed away.

Be aware of any parking fees that you may have to pay for using the space. Sometimes you can find a very decent space for your vehicle for a fee. Always carry a little bit of money with you in case you need it for this very reason. Sometimes you will find yourself in an area where there is absolutely nowhere to park except for these types of spaces.

Choose a place that is well-lit. For your own safety and the safety of your possessions, you should never put your car in a dark place if you can avoid it. Light deters crime. When walking to or leaving your car even when it is parked under a light, you still need to be aware of your surroundings and use common sense.

In crime-ridden areas, choose to place your car in protected lots for a fee.These places may have a guard on duty or have the lot enclosed within a fence to keep unwanted people from entering the lot. It may seem a little more expensive, but your possessions will be safe and you will not have to worry.

Make sure you will not run over a protected space. Always look before attempting to pull your car into a space for objects that may be blocking the way. You could damage your car if you run over anything, including a device that is meant to keep people from using their personal lot. These devices are highly visible, but you still need to be careful and pay attention to where you are navigating your vehicle.

Try not to block anyone else's car in. Nothing else is more annoying than coming out of a building or home to find that you have been blocked in. Be courteous and don't put someone else through the hassle. You will save yourself some time from having to come out to move your car for the blocked-in person, too.

Never park in emergency lanes or spots. Of course, you should always be aware of the law and what spots are designated for emergencies. You could incur heavy fines or worse if you leave your car in one of these places, and someone else may suffer for your indiscretion.

Keep these things in mind and you will avoid unnecessary trouble and stress when trying to place your car in an unfamiliar area. You will keep yourself, your vehicle, and others safe when you remember these few tips.

7 Ways to Protect Your Car When Parking in a Busy Area

A car is an expensive personal asset that gets left behind to sit where anything can happen to it. Of course, you don't have an option but to park in a parking lot or alongside the street if your home does not have a private garage or driveway. Even though the car may have to be left out of your sight, here are a few things you can do to protect your car from being harmed.

Try to park as close to your home as possible. If you have the option to park closer to your home, your car may be protected just by being within a certain distance from your home. Cars left away from residences or buildings in lonely alleys or dark places may be vulnerable to theft or vandalism. If you can't keep it very close to your home, leave the car in a well-lit area.

Buying a device that helps you to retain your parking spot while you are away is a great idea. These items create a type of barrier that work by remote access. Another car will not be able to park there, but you will be able to activate the mechanisms via your remote access to lower and park right over the barrier.

Test your alarm to make sure you can hear it.What good is a car alarm if you cannot hear it? Alarms don't just go off because of theft. Sometimes they are set off by other passing cars or a number of random reasons. A car alarm that you can't hear may drain your battery, cause you to be charged with a fine for the disruption, or may tell thieves that you don't pay attention to your car alarm.

If your alarm is very sensitive, talk to a mechanic to see if you can have the sensitivity lowered. This way you will not have to deal with so many false alarms. You should always check your car over for damages or possible theft after the alarm has been set off, even if you suspect it was caused by a non-threatening incident.

Make sure your doors are locked. Of course, many people think that locking their car doors is a given. But some people forget to lock their doors if they think they will only be away for a moment. It only takes a few minutes for someone to steal out of your car or even to drive off with it. Even if you are running into your home or building just for a minute, make sure you lock your car doors when you are out of sight of your car.

Keep valuables out of sight. Leaving a purse, wallet, or any other valuable item in full view for everyone to see on a seat or other place in the car is an open invitation to thieves who will not be able to resist. Even change left in the car is sometimes too much for a person in desperate need of money to resist. Keep all items locked in the boot or trunk of the car or hide them out of sight.

Try to park in the same place every time.Putting your car in the same place can actually help you to spot differences in the appearance of your car, who may be hanging around it, and other situations that may alert you to suspicious activity. It is easy to be more aware of what is going on that could cause a problem to your vehicle if you are familiar with the area.

Make sure your spot is easy to get in and out of.It is useless to place your car in a safe area if you cannot see to get in or out of the spot. Avoid trying to put your car in between large vehicles that hinder your ability to see, and try to avoid areas where you cannot safely maneuver to get back onto the road.

Inspect your car before driving. No matter where you leave your car, you should always inspect it before driving it. Check your tires to make sure they have not been flattened, look at your side mirrors to make sure they have not been damaged, and always look in the backseat before getting in to protect yourself. If you find damage to your car now, you will know where the damage occurred and can contact the authorities.

Present And Upcoming Trends In The Automotive Industry

Most of the people believe that there are prolific opportunities to improve and update old set of laws. Change is the greatest need of the present time. It does not matter about which field we are talking about, what matters is the progress in the existing technology. It is the wish of the customers which motivates the engineers and even brands to come up with something innovative. This makes people contended making their life easy. One such field, which always gains technology enthusiasts attention, is the automobile industry. Trends in the aftermarket automotive and automotive industry have changed a lot if compared with the previous year. There are certain changes that I have noticed about the varying trends.

Latest Technology In Use: Connecting vehicle through the mobile phones is what made people surprised when this idea was launched. This is possible through GPS/SAT-NAV and multi-media organization. It plays a major role in security and improved functioning of the automobile. The 4G internet access in the cars through Wi-Fi is the biggest innovation that GM motors and AT & T have made in the past year. This technology makes your cars a rolling Wi-Fi spot. Such innovation provides excellent streaming video pleasure in the rear seats, harmonized updates, quick application downloads and make available with the potential to use 4G service for improved vehicle protection. Cars are also equipped with sensors that will prevent collision by automatically applying the brake or alerting you with several signals.

Security of the automobiles has increased a lot with security software installed in them. The software makes these vehicles connected to customer care centers of the particular brand which help the driver anytime when they need their help. Moreover, ambulance and police will be automatically called if your vehicle is met with an accident. It is your car, which will dial the numbers alerting them to help you at the site of the accident. It seems like impossible, but it is actually possible. Several concept car ideas are also launched in this year by different brands. McLaren P1 and La Ferrari made people surprised with their beauty and grace. Several such cars with fantastic features were launched, but they were still lacking in some of the areas.

Expected Technology In Future: The things which were lacking in the cars and expected to come soon are like Run-flat tires with no boom. Making them is a dream of the manufacturers. Moreover, they also believe to make such tires that will make you reach the gas station by simply pressing the button which will give extra 50 miles. Although the cost expected is quite high, but it will surely improve later. There is an increasing demand of dual-stage smart airbags that will prevent your face hitting to these bags. Moreover, these air bags affect children and hurt them most of the times. The smart systems will be installed which will consider the weight of human being and do high and low stage deployment. Although many cars are equipped with navigation system in the car dash-board, but they have not reached up the expectations. Car buyers and manufacturers both aim at making a portable navigation arrangement that will give live traffic reports, weather reports, security control and many more.

Surround sound system with clear and luxury sound quality is what people looking for. There is another thing that is important for the safety point of view your vehicle. This is active cornering headlight system. An automobile with "smart" headlamps that can take automated data from steering angles and speed and twist the main beams of the car headlamps toward the turning road ahead. Such a thing is present in luxury cars, but normal cars with this feature are very much in demand. Rear view camera has become the need of the present time as it gives ease in driving and parking, of course. Some SUVs have been outfitted with this feature and customers are expecting other brands to take over it in their cars. Blind spot detection is like a need that car lovers want in their vehicle. It will warn you when you are driving close to the driver in the other lane. You will hear lots of beeps unless you bring it back to the correct place with proper distance between both the automobiles.

Luxury Features in Small Cars: What matters to brands is their pride and reputation. There were the companies which stuffed the ingredients of the superior automobiles in the smaller version and will also do the same in coming models. These include Mercedes-Benz stuffed S-class features into smaller new models such as the 2014 four-door CLC coupé, 2013 A-class and the 2015 Cadillac and CLC crossover and frolicsome wagon sidekick. In the same way, Audi and BMW are also planning the same breaking the taboo. The biggest challenge for these companies is to keep up the prices of these cars in the range of affordable ones.

Compelling Designs: Bruno Sacco for Mercedes-Benz, Claus for BMW and many more names are there which had excellent designing in the past year. Many brands had attention-grabbing decorative and pleasing to the eye elements that took priority over style and proportion. These include garish LED fireworks, influencing cut lines, in-your-face grille treatments, mix of chrome, matte and all-black paint. All these made a trend and cars with such colors are only seen on the roads. Audi has selected a bizarrely static, cookie-cutter, one-look-fits-all approach for the crossover and sedan lineups. On the other hand, Mercedes switched to refined timelessness for ostentatious tastelessness. Volkswagen is also not behind in the race of features as it is all about functional, straight-edged and nice-to-touch designs. One can see a great designing and styling in the Ford that is best represented through the elegant exteriors with flamboyant cockpits.

Automatic Character: The science fiction is also made possible in the past year as Artificial Intelligence application was employed in wheels. Now the fleet of the cars steers, accelerate automatically. There are several issues that have been resolved in the present cars, and now they have sonar, radar, cameras, and laser-based light detection and ranging technology. Moreover, there is no user-acceptance issue and they are ready to come into the marketplace top serve the needs of the people. The next aim is of autonomous driving where the companies want to make accident proof vehicles with the last goal of complete accident evasion.

There might me several other trends that are presently there in an automotive industry or about to come in the following years. People like to see changes with time and their expectations will keep on increasing. Auto experts and manufacturers have to cope up with the demands and bring something new every time. These trends do no stand still and keep on varying with time. They must be improved or altered keeping in mind the reasonable price as the top most priority.