Saturday, 21 September 2013

A Little SPF Lotion and Car Window Tinting Can Save You

Trivia time! According to most studies, the skin is the largest organ of the human body. Amazing, right? But if you are smart, then this trivia might not as amazing to you. But what the heck. Another trivia. This is kind of old though. But I'll say it anyway. The earth's atmosphere is thinning by the second caused by the green house gasses (i.e., carbon dioxide, methane, and the like), leaving the people, us, to suffer from the dangers of ultra violet rays from the sun. I wanted to say that the sun is cruel, but the people made things turn out this way. So we can only have ourselves to blame, right?

Right. So what are we to do. The damage is done. Of course, we can just go and try to preserve ourselves to the best we can. We don't want to die of radiation and similar scary factors, do we? So, what is the key for self-preservation in this context? The most handy is, I believe, the sunscreen lotion. Be sure to buy those with high sun protection factor (SPF). Now, don't be stingy. Even if those are expensive, they are for your own good anyway. Another thing, get a decent car window tinting. You will be needing that as well.

Okay, car window tinting can't just be bought in supermarkets like SPF lotions. You need to contact a window tinting expert to do the job for you. The professional more likely has the materials needed for the project, like a window film. Be sure to look for professionals with the necessary skills and experience. One more thing, choose for a window film that protects you from ultra violet rays. Getting car window tinting without UV protection will actually not help, no matter how fancy or colorful or cool that is. Let us use our common sense here. Self-preservation is our goal here. Not glamour.

Okay. Let us backtrack. SPF lotion: check. Car window tinting: check. Common sense: check. Cool. Now, here is this one last thing. Perhaps you might also consider putting up ultra violet protection for your house. I mean, you have walls and curtains, but you can't always be sure. You know that, right? An extra protection is always better. These are harmful elements we are dealing with here. We can't just say, "Nah. This is already enough." As the movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter brilliantly suggests-"Always have a contingency plan." Brilliant, is it not? If you have no idea what I am talking about, then I suggest you watch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I believe it can be viewed in Netflix if you have a subscription there.

The threat of ultra violet radiation has been going on for years now. And I know that there has not been a serious case from these threats. But do we really have to wait for the worst? That is the problem with people. We let ourselves use these harmful elements that caused us our atmosphere. Now, we let ourselves be susceptible to them? Do we need to have more damage control than we can handle? Do we have to wait for our skin to get irritated and burned before we apply SPF lotion and put car window tinting? I hope not. I hope we start to get smart and overcome the threats to our self-preservation.

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