Thursday, 19 September 2013

Technological Advancements: The Future Of The Automotive Industry

A group of intelligent people turns "cannot" into "can" and their "dreams" into "plans". They believe that there is no remote exist that can control your life. You have to get up and change it in your own way. The situation is somewhat similar in the automotive world, where the automotive engineers and designers have to think of the changes that can lead this industry towards the right direction. The best way to achieve success is by converting your thoughts into reality. The accomplishments that the automotive world have attained is due to patience and passion of bringing something new to the automobile enthusiasts. People are demanding cars that are not just cars, they wish for some outstanding cars that will be a prodigy in themselves. They also desire for automobiles with some exceptional technologies that are beyond human imagination. It seems like a dream, but can only be accomplished with absolute intelligence.

Every Automobile brand is working to bring some unbelievable technologies in the vehicles that will not only give comfort to the drivers but also protect them. The technologies that are expected in the cars by 2020 are as follows:

Camera with 360 Degree Feature: Camera in cars is essential and expected to become a standard tool in almost all automobiles by 2020. With these cameras, you will be updated with the front and rear of your car. These cameras will be able to see 360 degrees. These will make you free from risking your life by getting shoulders out and see if your car is parking in the right direction or not.

Pedestrian Detection and Night Vision: Many people dream for the automobiles that automatically stop on the sudden appearance of the pedestrian. The idea is legitimate and achievable by 2020. It is possible through infrared light or amplifier that will detect the person coming to your way intentionally or unintentionally. Moreover, collision warning, lane departure warning and night vision with automatic braking will also be featured with pedestrian detection. Special display is expected in the vehicles that will display heat-based images making you stop your car without hitting someone.

Inter-Cars Communication: Cars running on the road will be able to communicate with each other as these will be connected through some wireless system. In this organization, vehicles can commune with stop lights, allow traffic reporting to the network and warn other vehicles of accidents. It will save time, fuel and even the lives of many.

Charging Through The Air: The idea is quite innovative but extremely difficult to apply. This will be the coolest and easiest way of charging that will contribute majorly in sustainable use of natural resources for the future generations.

Cars Manufactured Using Advanced Materials: Lightweight concept is very much in demand especially in the automotive industry. People are demanding cars that are lightweight and durable. Moreover, there is an increasing demand of accident-proof outer body which seems like a dream, but can be achieved by 2020. Carbon Fiber, Aluminum and Magnesium are some materials that will be used in the future for making different car parts.

Application Central: Concept of Wi-Fi is already there in the vehicles, but for this, you have to pay a monthly subscription. Automobile representatives are planning to make it free and common for all. Everyone can take pleasure of enjoying internet browsing and surfing for free by 2020.

All these technological features and many more will offer you a comfortable driving. It will surely give an entirely new driving experience to those who are passionate towards it. Moreover, some of these changes will also prove beneficial to our environment as automobile manufacturers have started thinking ecologically.

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