Saturday, 21 September 2013

Car Themed Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party takes a lot of work and planning. As children get older, it gets harder. One way to make planning a birthday party easier is by choosing a theme. Children, boys especially, sometimes enjoy a car themed birthday party. A car theme requires a little more planning and creative thinking than other birthday themes. Below are some suggestions for having a car themed birthday party.

Cars the Movie
The makers of Cars have really made this birthday theme a lot easier. Most kids love the movie and they would love to have a birthday theme around the movie. Stores sell invitations, hats, napkins, plates, table coverings, balloons, cakes, you name it. They even sell little auto figurines that you can use to decorate the table or put in goodie bags.

Other Ideas
Another theme idea is choosing an automotive to focus the birthday party around. You can choose a race car, a tractor, a dumpster truck, or even a motorcycle. Whatever automotive your little one likes best, this is the vehicle whose face will be on all of the decorations. Or if you are having difficulty finding birthday decorations with cars on them, you could get posters of cars and place them around the room where the party will be held.

Food Theme
The most important food of a birthday party is the cake. You can easily get a car shaped cake from a bakery because they make specialized cakes for kids' birthdays. You can even set out some car shaped cookies for your guests. If you want to get really creative, you could take graham crackers and marshmallows and have the guests make their own cars. Have other toppings for the cars suck as gummy bears and chocolate chips. You can use toothpicks to attach the tires to the graham cracker.

Activities for Birthday
One activity you can do is to get some plain white t-shirts and have the guests paint their favorite car on the t-shirt. You can also get a car shaped piƱata that you can stuff with candy and small match box automotive. Instead of playing pin the tail on the donkey, you can create a board with a car that is missing a tire and have the kids play pin the tire on the vehicle. You could also get some of that small wind up cars and let the kids have races to see whose car is the fastest.

Many of these decorative and activity ideas are cheap ways to have a auto themed birthday party.

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