Thursday, 19 September 2013

Present And Upcoming Trends In The Automotive Industry

Most of the people believe that there are prolific opportunities to improve and update old set of laws. Change is the greatest need of the present time. It does not matter about which field we are talking about, what matters is the progress in the existing technology. It is the wish of the customers which motivates the engineers and even brands to come up with something innovative. This makes people contended making their life easy. One such field, which always gains technology enthusiasts attention, is the automobile industry. Trends in the aftermarket automotive and automotive industry have changed a lot if compared with the previous year. There are certain changes that I have noticed about the varying trends.

Latest Technology In Use: Connecting vehicle through the mobile phones is what made people surprised when this idea was launched. This is possible through GPS/SAT-NAV and multi-media organization. It plays a major role in security and improved functioning of the automobile. The 4G internet access in the cars through Wi-Fi is the biggest innovation that GM motors and AT & T have made in the past year. This technology makes your cars a rolling Wi-Fi spot. Such innovation provides excellent streaming video pleasure in the rear seats, harmonized updates, quick application downloads and make available with the potential to use 4G service for improved vehicle protection. Cars are also equipped with sensors that will prevent collision by automatically applying the brake or alerting you with several signals.

Security of the automobiles has increased a lot with security software installed in them. The software makes these vehicles connected to customer care centers of the particular brand which help the driver anytime when they need their help. Moreover, ambulance and police will be automatically called if your vehicle is met with an accident. It is your car, which will dial the numbers alerting them to help you at the site of the accident. It seems like impossible, but it is actually possible. Several concept car ideas are also launched in this year by different brands. McLaren P1 and La Ferrari made people surprised with their beauty and grace. Several such cars with fantastic features were launched, but they were still lacking in some of the areas.

Expected Technology In Future: The things which were lacking in the cars and expected to come soon are like Run-flat tires with no boom. Making them is a dream of the manufacturers. Moreover, they also believe to make such tires that will make you reach the gas station by simply pressing the button which will give extra 50 miles. Although the cost expected is quite high, but it will surely improve later. There is an increasing demand of dual-stage smart airbags that will prevent your face hitting to these bags. Moreover, these air bags affect children and hurt them most of the times. The smart systems will be installed which will consider the weight of human being and do high and low stage deployment. Although many cars are equipped with navigation system in the car dash-board, but they have not reached up the expectations. Car buyers and manufacturers both aim at making a portable navigation arrangement that will give live traffic reports, weather reports, security control and many more.

Surround sound system with clear and luxury sound quality is what people looking for. There is another thing that is important for the safety point of view your vehicle. This is active cornering headlight system. An automobile with "smart" headlamps that can take automated data from steering angles and speed and twist the main beams of the car headlamps toward the turning road ahead. Such a thing is present in luxury cars, but normal cars with this feature are very much in demand. Rear view camera has become the need of the present time as it gives ease in driving and parking, of course. Some SUVs have been outfitted with this feature and customers are expecting other brands to take over it in their cars. Blind spot detection is like a need that car lovers want in their vehicle. It will warn you when you are driving close to the driver in the other lane. You will hear lots of beeps unless you bring it back to the correct place with proper distance between both the automobiles.

Luxury Features in Small Cars: What matters to brands is their pride and reputation. There were the companies which stuffed the ingredients of the superior automobiles in the smaller version and will also do the same in coming models. These include Mercedes-Benz stuffed S-class features into smaller new models such as the 2014 four-door CLC coupé, 2013 A-class and the 2015 Cadillac and CLC crossover and frolicsome wagon sidekick. In the same way, Audi and BMW are also planning the same breaking the taboo. The biggest challenge for these companies is to keep up the prices of these cars in the range of affordable ones.

Compelling Designs: Bruno Sacco for Mercedes-Benz, Claus for BMW and many more names are there which had excellent designing in the past year. Many brands had attention-grabbing decorative and pleasing to the eye elements that took priority over style and proportion. These include garish LED fireworks, influencing cut lines, in-your-face grille treatments, mix of chrome, matte and all-black paint. All these made a trend and cars with such colors are only seen on the roads. Audi has selected a bizarrely static, cookie-cutter, one-look-fits-all approach for the crossover and sedan lineups. On the other hand, Mercedes switched to refined timelessness for ostentatious tastelessness. Volkswagen is also not behind in the race of features as it is all about functional, straight-edged and nice-to-touch designs. One can see a great designing and styling in the Ford that is best represented through the elegant exteriors with flamboyant cockpits.

Automatic Character: The science fiction is also made possible in the past year as Artificial Intelligence application was employed in wheels. Now the fleet of the cars steers, accelerate automatically. There are several issues that have been resolved in the present cars, and now they have sonar, radar, cameras, and laser-based light detection and ranging technology. Moreover, there is no user-acceptance issue and they are ready to come into the marketplace top serve the needs of the people. The next aim is of autonomous driving where the companies want to make accident proof vehicles with the last goal of complete accident evasion.

There might me several other trends that are presently there in an automotive industry or about to come in the following years. People like to see changes with time and their expectations will keep on increasing. Auto experts and manufacturers have to cope up with the demands and bring something new every time. These trends do no stand still and keep on varying with time. They must be improved or altered keeping in mind the reasonable price as the top most priority.

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