Sunday, 3 November 2013

How to Understand an O2 Sensor Problem in Your Car

Taking your Check Engine Light seriously can feel like a oain, when it blinks various times a week. Since it cries wolf fifteen days after you took your car to a mechanic, you have decided to listen to it only once a month or, twice maximum; not more. Well, this time when it blinks like a haunting ghost, we would recommend you check whether you have a bad O2 censor, since they malfunction easily. O2 sensors are significant because they control emission of exhaust gas from the car. They keep tabs on the amount of fuel your car spends while working.

Controversially, car experts claim that new fuels with higher ethanol content have a way of causing our car parts to go bad early. Even in that case, you will be responsible for clearing a car inspection. If your ACDelo Check Engine Light also known as CEL is still blinking, your car will not be cleared.

A CEL can start blinking for any couple of reasons, but in case of a bad O2 sensor, you need to take a few steps to handle the situation:

-Firstly, figure out which oxygen sensor your car actually has. There are two main types; one is screw-in type and the other is weld-in type. These two types are very different in make and in the way they are installed. So before you go around fixing them and waste a lot of precious time, figure them out beforehand.

-This can be easily achieved by reviewing your repair manual which will tell you what type of sensor you have. You can also go to an ACDelo parts store, and they will tell you your sensor type by reviewing your car’s make and model. This part is significant, because it will decide whether you are going to a repair shop or to a ‘Do It Yourself’ manual.

-If you happen to have a weld-in type sensor, you’ll need a repair shop or mechanic to repair it. Avoid tempering with a weld-in type sensor on your own.

-If you have a screw in type ACDelo sensor, you can generally do the fixing at home with the help of a good manual or ‘Do It Yourself’ blog.

O2 ACDelo sensors need to be regularly checked and repaired. Be sure to have your car checked when the sensor goes off, so you can be certain that your car is running safely and efficiently.

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