Saturday, 17 August 2013

4 Frequently Asked Questions About Lemon Law Cases

Whenever you make a purchase, you need to be sure of it. You do not want to buy an item that looks good on face value, yet it has numerous defects on the inside. Lemon laws relate to new vehicle purchases. These type of laws give you the right to take legal action against the manufacture or the dealer who sold you a bad car. Lemon laws do exist in most states. However, if you have ever been a victim of such a case, but never had a chance to follow it up, then you must have a lot of questions left unanswered about it. Here are some questions that most people frequently ask regarding these laws.

· Where do I start if I just bought such a car?

The first thing is to have all the important documents such as the purchase receipts and car repair orders. For every repair, ensure all the information about it is well documented and accurate in detail. In the event that you cannot find them, your qualified lawyer can issue the manufacturer with a subpoena. This is a type of order that is used to obtain any held information by a car manufacturer which can be used in the case.

· Are there any charges?

If you win the case; no. Your car manufacturer is liable for the damages, legal fees and you also get compensated. However, if you are not successful. You incur the legal fees which include paying your attorney. Lemon attorneys are specialized in this one area of the law, so you might find them to be less costly.

· Can I use a normal lawyer to represent me?

Looking for a good lawyer is time consuming and tiring. Well, same applies when looking for a lemon lawyer too! You need someone experienced in car lemon cases and will have the right approach to the whole case. A normal lawyer, lie your family lawyer can cause more problems for you since he will take more time to deal with a new case and there are high chances you will lose, especially if the manufacturer hires a good lemon lawyer. Therefore, instead of wasting your precious time and money, hire a lemon lawyer.

· Which defects does the Lemon Law cover?

This law covers all defects mentioned in your vehicle's warranty that significantly interferes with its performance and the driver's safety. These defects make the vehicle unreliable for use and reduce its resale price at the same time.

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