Wednesday, 28 August 2013

How to Get the Best Deal When Trying to Sell An Old Car

You may be tired of maintaining the same car for the past so many years and wish to get a good price when you sell it and purchase a new one. Here are some tips on how to sell your old car for a good price.

We are all aware that cars depreciate in value over the years. Visiting a reputed garage near you and get an assessment done on the car to find out the price you can expect for the car in its present condition. Hike the price by a couple of hundred dollars as this will help you with a leeway for bargaining is bound to take place.

Spruce up the car before selling. It is necessary to give your car a little pimping to make it look good. You may need to replace wipers, window glasses or broken knows etc. Check that the carpeting and upholstery are not worn out to get a good price for the car.

Get the car serviced. Make sure to check that the car meets all pollution control and emission norms. Any violation of traffic rules should be set right before trying to sell.

Keep the car records in order. The paperwork should be in order and this includes ownership documents, registration records, insurance documents, pollution control records, records of replaces parts and services and so on. Pay any parking tickets that are due.

Advertise the car. Put up fliers in church bulletin boards, local clubs, and advertisement boards, in grocery shops and local publications and local garage sales. Let them know the brand, make and age of the car and add phrases such as "excellent working condition". At this stage it is not necessary to mention the price but let people know where to contact you for more details.

The car should be available for inspection. People may bring along their mechanics or ask to get the car inspected at a garage that they select. If the requests are reasonable you can go along with it but it is not advisable to let them take test drives on their own as you may end up losing the car to strangers!

Negotiate wisely. It is advisable to be patient and wait for the best price. Do not sound hasty to get rid of the car or people will have doubts about the car. Do not encourage people who make low offers.

Check out the payment mode. Once you have gone through the entire gamut of haggling and finally settling down to a decent price, make sure to check the payment mode. Try to get cash on if not, settle for a cashier's check or money order as personal checks may bounce.

Hand over the documents. The new buyer should get all the documents when you hand over the car keys. This is to ensure that they are the new owners of the car can claim the ownership of the used car.

Hand over the car. It is important to hand over the car completely so that you are not responsible for further liabilities. Make sure to cancel or transfer the insurance policy to the new owner and inform all vehicles departments in the state about the change.

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