Saturday, 17 August 2013

4 Tips On How To Prevent Yourself From Buying A Defected Auto

A lemon in legal terms simply refers to a car bought with defects. Sometimes you are usually so excited about an offer or its attractive price that you completely forget to check the car's quality. Majority of people are victims of such purchases since some of them look perfect and have all the necessary spare parts intact; until it stalls only after a few days of driving it. Some car dealers are in this business only for the money and with years of experience, they can easily convince you to buy these cars. So how do you make sure this does not happen to you? Keep on reading.

• Ask for a warranty

How often do you read any warranty? Not all used items have warranties and others have some that are of no good; lemons for example. With a lemon law warranty that should be provide to you before signing the lease, the car dealer is obligated to abide by these laws. It should specify the parts covered and whether the dealer chooses to compensate or repair the covered part. If you ask for one and the dealer seems to be unresponsive about it, do not make your purchase - that is definitely a lemon.

• Always test drive the car

Before taking it home, you have to test the car. In fact, in the event that you bought a bad car and plan on suing the dealer, the first question your lemon lawyer will ask is whether you tested it. If you did, then you are on the safe side of the lemon laws because for those who do not, there is a high likelihood that you will not be compensated. No matter how perfect a vehicle looks, always test it first.

• Be tenacious

It is good to asks questions about the car you are planning on buying. This gives you an opportunity to study the dealer's reactions; those selling lemons never respond while others get fired up after the second question! He should have an answer to all your queries about the car and you should make it clear that if the item is not going to perform as he has promised it would, then legal action will be taken against the dealer.

• Use recommended dealers

It is always wiser to ask around for the best dealer in your area before buying a car from a total stranger. Quick sales and cars priced lower than others in a car-sale are potential places where lemons are sold.

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