Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Benefits And Future Of Battery Operated Cars

Battery operated cars have been around for almost two centuries although not many people were aware of it. Different versions of electrical cars were invented and created as the size and power of batteries were improved. In the later years, both France and UK supported major developments in these cars. Most of the nations which lacked natural fuel resources backed and supported the development of electric cars. With the passage of time, all types of automobiles became popular in USA.

The rise in the prices of gasoline and the shortage of fuels has led to the increased usage of electric or battery operated vehicles. By the end of 2000, most of the developed countries had begun to manufacture electric cars as it is cost and fuel efficient. Moreover, electric cars were environment friendly unlike the gasoline powered cars.

Major Benefits:

There are many benefits associated with the use of electric vehicles. Most of the urban users prefer to use these vehicles as it hardly produces any noise. It is also eco-friendly as it seldom pollutes the environment.

Easy To Recharge: Electric cars are cost efficient as it can be recharged from electrical sockets quite easily at home. Therefore it is considered to be more affordable than the gas powered cars. Moreover, today there are various recharging stations located in various nooks and corners to facilitate easy and quick recharging of cars. Some of the countries have also developed wireless recharging facility for the users. The speed of recharging the batteries varies according to the type of batteries and its power.

Non-Pollutant: One of the greatest benefits of using these cars is its non-pollutant feature. As it seldom emits any pollution, it reduces carbon foot prints and depletion of the ozone layers. As these cars operate on batteries, it seldom emits any poisonous gas. It is one of the best eco-friendly options made available in the modern era.

Conservation Of Energy: Energy is stored in the batteries when the brakes are applied which is another advantageous feature of these cars. The vehicle generates electricity, which is stored in the batteries, when the brakes are applied.

Solar Recharge: Some of these vehicles also include the option of solar recharge. Solar panels are used to recharge the vehicles which are another cost effective method of using the electric cars.

Safe: Compared to the cars powered by gasoline, the battery powered cars are heavy and therefore it is less prone to accidents.

Although these cars are inclusive of various beneficial features, it is quite expensive compared to the gasoline or conventional cars. Moreover, it is also essential to replace the batteries every three years.

However, with the invention of new technology and scientific developments, it is easy to overcome most of the drawbacks faced by these vehicles at present. Electric vehicles are considered to have a bright future due to its numerous beneficial features. In due course of time the prices of these vehicles may plummet which might further increase its demand and usage in the future.

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