Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Bentley Flying Spur's Indian Launch

When it comes to the remarkable luxury sedan, a brand that always have semblance is Bentley, especially after the company launched its new edition Bentley Flying Spur. Not just because of its incredible speed, but this powerful drive is for all those who love to enjoy an uncompromising performance along with unrestrained luxury. From the hand crafted hides and veneers to super formed aluminum exterior that not only adorns the beauty of the car, but also exhibits the brilliant craftsmanship.
The good news is that the most powerful four-door Bentley ever made has been officially launched in Delhi, India on 1st October, 2013. The new design is way to different as compared to the older version and is based on Continental GT platform. Many eyes were enthusiastically waiting for the day and now that it has been launched people are thinking that why would somebody pay Rs. 3.1 crore for a luxury sedan. Well, if you are in the same dilemma, Bentley Flying Spur will answer all your queries.

Unrestrained Luxury
There are some key features that would definitely make you fall in love with this luxury sedan. Do you want to know about all those spotlighting features which make craftsmen's expertise evident throughout this Flying Spur? Have a look at these.
  • Twin headlamps with wide bulbous grille
  • Rear rectangular lamps with LED cluster and chrome detailing
  • Individually selected and hand stitched hides using A-grade leather
  • Flawless lacquered and polished mirror matched veneers
  • Wooden architecture complimented with highlights in leather
  • Glass or Leather roof to keep cabin noise minimal
  • Organ stop style chrome air vents
  • Hand fitted digital technology
  • Remote Control like features for Smartphones
  • Front touch screen system to control audio, telephone, ride and navigation system
  • Touch Screen Remote for rear passengers to operate Bentley interiors
  • Eleven separate Balance Mode Radiator speakers with surround sound logic
  • For rear passengers, 10 inch LCD screen and 2 DVD players with USB ports
  • Integrated Wi-Fi hot spot for web browsing and email

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