Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Limousines Affordable or Not? - Examining Limousine Cost

Have you ever wondered how a limousine company can get away with charging, on average, $70-$120 per hour of service? It sure doesn't seem as if driving from point A to point B, even in luxury, should be so incredibly expensive. However, once you put into perspective where all that money goes, it almost doesn't seem like enough. As gas prices soar, the costs of repair services increase, and taxes rob businesses of their hard-earned money, the high prices of limousine luxury actually begin to make sense.

Gas: Stealing the $ of Limo Businesses and their Customers

Simply take a look at the numbers on a gas station pump as you fill your tank next time your empty light blinks on. Now take into consideration the fact limos are basically 2-3 times the length of your personal vehicle. Add the fact that their weight is also 2-3 times more and are filled with extras such as bars, elongated seats, club-like lights, and extra cosmetic decorations... That means that with all this added weight, the engine has to work harder to pull you through the streets. Average limousine miles-per-gallon vary, with Hummer limos only getting 9 MPG. A decent chunk of money simply goes to keeping the tank full.

Upkeep: You Don't Want to Drive Around in a Dirty, Puttering Limo

We all know the costs of oil changes, new brakes, tires, and flushing out the many lines in a vehicle that need flushing. Limos must undergo these simplistic maintenance techniques several more times a year than the average car because the miles are put on them rapidly as customers ask for their services every single weekend of the year. Upkeep isn't just about these basic maintenance procedures - one must take into account that the limo must consistently be cleaned after each night of being used. Cleaning supplies aren't expensive, but when you use Windex constantly on those extended windows, special leather cleaners on the seats, and any other little cleaning jobs that need to be undertaken, the costs can add up. Don't forget the cosmetics - such as fixing any scratches on the outside or even a small rip on a seat.

Who's Driving? That Guy Has to Get Paid

Obviously you wouldn't want to make minimum wage hauling around a bunch of crazy party animals in the back of your limo (and even polite clients don't make up for the road rage that dwells within every limo driver's head). Well, neither do real-life limo drivers. On average, a limo driver makes between $12-$20 an hour based on how luxurious the limo rented is. That is a significant chunk of the $70-$120 you pay per hour.

As one can see, it isn't all about profits for limousine companies. They are committed to providing luxury - and luxury, of course, never comes cheap. Though it may seem like some companies simply want to rob you of your hard earned cash, keep in mind that they are working hard as well trying to keep up on gas, maintenance, and paying their employees a fair rate.

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