Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Factors to Consider When Determining the Price of a Classic Car

The auto world can never be complete without considering the classics. They always give a touch of richness. If you are considering investing in a car, it is advisable to shop around from classic cars for sale. In addition, you will need to have an understanding about the factors that determine their pricing. The factors that determine the price of these cars vary significantly depending on who is doing the appraisal therefore, knowing what to look out for when assessing the value of the car will help you make an informed decision. The ones owned previously by celebrities are often more expensive. Other factors that determine the price of the car include:
· Condition of the classic car
The condition of the car influences the price. Those that are in great shape and ready for use will attract a higher price when compared with similar models that are in poor condition, requiring some work to be done. Therefore, if you want to spend less refurbishing it, you might want to purchase one that is in a better working condition.
· Original equipment & structural condition
Classical cars feature a higher value as long as they have all their original equipment intact. Furthermore, the equipment needs to be in a fair condition. The equipment and structures that are often considered include the interior, the seats, the pedal rubbers, the carpets and other items.
· Age of the car
The age is a primary determinant of the value of the vehicle. Generally, the older car is priced much higher in the market. Therefore, older classic muscle cars would feature higher price tags when compared with a newer, yet similar model.
· Pricing by mileage
Used ones are often valued based on mileage. Similarly, the mileage determines the price. However, most enthusiasts of classic cars consider the structural condition and original equipment as the most important factors in determining pricing, more important than mileage.
· Pricing by authenticity
The authenticity is an important factor that dictates the price of the classic car. The authenticity of the vehicle can be proven by verifying the VIN number, the casting number, the date codes, the RPO codes and the transmission & rear end tags. For classic cars manufactured by GM, the authenticity can be verified by considering the protect-o-plate number. Classic car collectors are keen at determining these factors before making any purchases. This is because they want to be sure that they are investing in vehicle that truly has value.

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